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Commodore John Barry Elementary School

Principal’s Message
September 2020
To the Commodore John Barry Elementary School Community:
I am delighted by the opportunity to serve as your Principal for year 2 and to join with the students, families, and community served by Barry Elementary School as we work together to improve outcomes for the rising community leaders who are educated in our school.
At Barry, we are family and our relationship is one in which the home, school, and community must share high expectations for each other while not being afraid to hold one another accountable to ensure that we can effectively educate the whole child.  Our children’s futures hang in the balance and we cannot afford to fail them, so together we must accept the challenge of preparing every student for success in high school, college or career, and life.  They deserve nothing less and nothing else is acceptable.  From this moment forward, we will write our history together and as our slogan says, “ Changing the Narrative !”
As we embark on this new virtual learning path, WE at John Barry will afford our students the same learning opportunities. We embrace our motto, ” LEAD, FOLLOW, or GET OUT of the WAY”! Good Leaders lead and follow and no-one will stop us.  We welcome you parents as our PARTNERS to assure that Achieving is Believing.
Consider this as a personal invitation from your  Principal.
Most respectfully,
Principal KaTiedra T. Argro
Leader of Leaders


Our Mission

Our school is a welcoming community of learners that engages academically talented students.

At John Barry Elementary school ALL stakeholders believe High Achieving Starts with Believing.

Therefore students, teachers, and staff will:

➢ Attend school each day and on time.

➢ Engage in rigorous academic tasks and activities.

➢ Ensure that teaching and learning takes place in a safe and welcoming environment.

➢ Engage parents and community members in School­wide learning.

➢ Promote student leadership and responsible decision making.