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Commodore John Barry Elementary School

Principal’s Message

Welcome to John Barry Elementary School. The proud school of nearly 800 young men and women all of which deserve a bigger and brighter future. I am Derrick R. Hardy and it is my honor to serve your school, your community and your children as school principal for the 2017-2018 school year. Building on the existing strength that is John Barry Elementary School, our 2017-2018 priorities will deliberately build systems of management and success, enabling learners to feel safe, welcomed and encouraged to achieve in reading, writing, and problem solving.

Our Mission

Our school is a welcoming community of learners that engages academically talented students.

At John Barry Elementary school ALL stakeholders believe High Achieving Starts with Believing.

Therefore students, teachers, and staff will:

➢ Attend school each day and on time.

➢ Engage in rigorous academic tasks and activities.

➢ Ensure that teaching and learning takes place in a safe and welcoming environment.

➢ Engage parents and community members in School­wide learning.

➢ Promote student leadership and responsible decision making.