Dress Code

School Uniform

School Uniform

Grades K-5
Navy blue polos top with khaki or navy blue bottoms

Grades 6-8
Gold polos top with khaki or navy blue bottoms

Scholars MAY NOT wear any of the following: Backless Shoes – Flip Flops – Slides – Bare Midriffs – Tank Shirts or Tops – Tee Shirts Containing Inappropriate Messages or Language – Excessively Short Skirts or Shorts

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Phone Free Space

Click HERE and learn about the school cell phone program to help facilitate an engage learning environment.

Parking and School Safety

Click HERE to learn about parking and school safety.


Behavioral Expectations & Responsibilities
Be Respectful   Be Responsible    Be Prepared

PBIS Principles. Be Respectful, be responsible, and be prepared

Attendance Expectations
Parents/Guardians are expected to:

• Ensure that their children between the ages of six and 17 are enrolled in school and attend school regularly, on time, and for the entire school day.

• Make personal appointments for their child outside of the school day or during school breaks as often as possible.

• Ensure that their child receives the periodic student health examinations that are required by law.

• Call the school when their child is absent.

• Provide a written excuse for every absence when their child returns to school.

• Provide a written excuse for every late arrival and early departure.

• Provide the school with correct current addresses, emergency contacts, home, cell, and work telephone numbers, e-mail addresses at the beginning of each school year and update information whenever there are changes.