Welcome to the “Parent Resource Center” located in Room 100.


Parent volunteers are needed to support us with our climate in our hallways, lunchroom, and schoolyard.  For more information regarding parent volunteer guidelines visit the School District of Philadelphia’s website at

We have a School Advisory Council (SAC) and it has three main goals:

  1. Support Academic Achievement
  2. Improve School Climate
  3. Strengthen Family Engagement

For more information about School Advisory Councils visit the School District of Philadelphia’s website at

Your Child.    Your Voice.    Your School.

Parent/Guardian Surveys are now available online.  Please complete it online at Room #14

Upon completion of the survey please print the confirmation page and bring it to Barry School so you can be entered into our “Gift Basket Raffle”

Parent Resource Center

We have a beautiful and welcoming “Parent Resource Center” located in Room 100.  Inside of it you will find information regarding Family Engagement and much more.

Our Parent Workshops are held 2 or 3 times a month.  The workshops are held to keep you armed, informed and engaged.  If you have any workshop(s) that you would like for us to host please feel free to let us know.  It is our hope that you plan to attend our very informative workshops. Attached is our Parent Workshop Schedule.

Resource Room #10Please feel free to see Ms. Jessica Freeman, School Improvement Support Liaison for more information about our parent engagement activities, events, policy and procedures.  We also have “Parent Concern Forms” located in our main office that you can fill out and return to our office staff regarding any concerns or suggestions you may have.

By working together we will make a difference!

Sept – Dec 2020 Parent Workshops
Parent Handbook 2020-2021